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  1. Programming Your Gemstone

    • Hold the crystal or gemstone in your hand and sense its energy. With the stone being newly cleared, the energy will feel stronger and even more appealing than before.
    • As you sense this energy and appreciate it, ask quietly to be connected to the deva of the crystal or gemstone. Though not animate, stones are living things and the deva of the piece is the stone's life-force energy.
    • Once you feel you have sensed what you can from the energy, think of what you will be using the stone for. Think of these uses, then quietly ask the gemstone if it is willing to act in the way you wish. The crystals energy may increase with a yes or seem to disappear with a no. If the stone accepts your intent, state in your mind that it be so.

    Dedicating Your Gemstone

    Once a stone is programmed, it will hold its intent until you or someone else reprograms it. To prevent any negative energy from attaching itself to your crystal you may wish to dedicate it.

    • Hold the crystal or gemstone in your hand and state clearly in your mind: "Only the most positive high-level energy may work through this healing tool."
    • Focus on your intent for awhile, then end your sensing (meditation) with "SO BE IT."
    • The stone is now dedicated.
    In order for your crystals to work at their best they need to be cleansed and charged.  This is where a selenite charging plate comes into its own.  
    Selenite is not like any other crystal.  It does't need to be charged and will amplify the energy of any crystal that is placed on it.  It is made of gypsum and in 2004 it was discovered that gyspum is also found on Mars! perhaps this is why it connects so well with crystals!
    Stones have vibrational energies and low vibrational energies attract negative energies so it is essential to raise your vibration to keep feelings of grief, anxiety, fear and anger out of your mental and pyhsical space.  This is why selenite is an essential part of your collection.  It has the ability to cleanse, purify and align you with your highest potential.  It can shift your aura and energetic vibration to attune you with a higher energy.  It can help to dispel all negative energy from teh body and mind.  A selenite charging plate magnifies the energy of anything placed on it.  

    It is great to charge any jewellery that includes healing stones or just the stones themselves.  Place your stones on the plate overnight to cleanse and clear any negative energies.