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    🔹️For thousands of years precious and semi precious stones have been worn as decoration and for their beneficial properties.
    🔹️Wearing crystals is a useful way to help maintain the body's energy levels, but remember the stone can only help you if its own energy is clean. 
    🔹️Place your jewellery on a crystal cluster at night to cleanse it or if you have had a difficult time, cleanse with running water or the incense smoke for a minute. 
    🔹️If crystal jewellery isn't cleansed regularly, the stones cannot process unbalanced energies and these may even be reflected back into your auric field, making matters worse.
    🔹️Crystal jewellery is best used when you need a little extra boost. Wear only 1 or 2 stones at a time, more may confuse the energy message to the body.  Don't become dependent on your crystals, have a couple of days without any from time to time.
    🔹️Sometimes a stone need to be somewhere particular on the body if you don't have a pocketing the appropriate place
    🔹️A simple way of wearing crystals is as a pendant, the length of the chain used will determine which chakra will be most stimulated and balanced
    🔹️A stone at the solar plexus will influence how you use your store of energy and what you do with personal power 
    🔹️A stone at the heart will affect your emotional state 
    🔹️Placed between the heart and the throat a crystal will help you define your space and needs 
    🔹️At the throat a stone a stone will aid your communication and artistic skills 
    🔹️Crystal earrings can help to balance throat neck and head energies 
    🔹️Wearing gemstone rings will stimulate different meridian channels depending on which finger they are worn
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    Archangel Jophiel

    Beauty of God he's the angel of beautiful thoughts and poetry and wisdom, understanding and judgement. Joy and illumination

    He helps with arts crafts and creative Pursuits. He brings clarity and understanding and offers insights into the meaning of life and your Life's purpose

     Home and health

    he is the Angel of homemaking and food preparation, kitchen garden, vegetable potties in allotments come under him, home gardens ,herb circles, and procedures are used to care for including all food preparation cooking pickling and presentation in truth he is responsible for pickling and jamming


     in truth he is responsible for campaigning the art of persuasion and the silent majority he looks after fashion flowers and fragrances in the modern world as well as skin care hair and make-up and that you present yourself in your truth and not a someone else he helps you present your authentic self he helps with a promotion marketing and how you are perceived


    He looks after hiking, gardening and the great outdoors, he looks after music musician’s singers and songwriters

    Scribes he supports all writing journal in and blogging

    Colour yellow

    Day of the week Monday

     Astrology sign Libra the scales brings fairness the presentation and the ability to be who you are as an authentic person

    Planet Venus

    Chakra Crown

    Virtue patience and he will wait for you to see the truth and live your truth