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    Who needs some magic in their lives
    This stone creates magic✨ and happiness💫 in your life. These dendritic stones contain the wisdom of shamans, alchemists and magicians. 🧙‍♂️It is a combination of quartz and psilomelaan, which may be polished and can contain glowing flames. 
    This stone is aligned with the elements of earth, 🌍air 🌬and water. 💦 
    Its perfect for the centre of the medicine wheel as a symbol of unity and the elements and the worlds is a combination of quartz and psilomelaan, which can be shiny and can contain glowing flames. 🔥
    Its perfect for a symbol of unity and the elements and the Merliniet worlds is very effective for karmic healing and helps beliefs and vows that are reframing blockages. Physically merliniet promotes the circulation of energy and oxygen to the body. Its dendritic strings resonate with nerve fibers and enhance the flow of energy along the spine and through the brains. It can help tune the nervous system to an influx of higher vibrations. Also good for the respiratory, nervous system, circulatory system


    This is one of the newest stones available from Saturday on the live facebook sale just follow the link

    Siberian Blue Quartz has many healing properties: Siberian Blue Quartz has a lot of energy. There is no other gemstone that displays the Blue ray as the Siberian Blue Quartz. It activates both the throat chakra and the third eye in a perfect harmony that both raises the insights of the higher mind and makes the eloquent communication of his knowledge easier. The Wind element energy of this stone calls for psychic awakening, and it can be of assistance to those wishing to develop the gift of clairvoyance, brightness, brightness, prophecy, psychokineship, mediumship and interdimensional communication. Siberian Blue Quartz is from Russia and the raw material comes from the middle of Siberia. This stone primarily helps those looking for peace and quietness but is also the stone for the Workaholic, in which case the stone protects against burn outs and ensures that you do not get overworked.