crystal consultation

Crystal Consultations

  • Are you looking for help to choose crystals or would like a custom crystal set made for yourself or a loved one?
  • Do you find you have more than one ailment or issue?
  • Have you wanted to try healing crystals but have wondered where to start?

Crystal healing, like any other complimentary therapies, focuses on the underlying causes of physical ailments, the disease behind the disease.  Disease is the state that results from physical, emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances that cause you to be ill at ease with some aspect of yourself.

Healing is a uniquely personal process.  If we listen to our bodies and learn to understand their language and their messages, we become increasingly aware of the connections between body, mind and spirit.   Crystal therapy works to harmonise all parts of our psyches so that we become seamless, integrated, radiant whole beings.


Crystals may work as if by magic, but there are a multitude of reasons as to who and why these enigmatic stones are thought to possess the ability to heal and magnify energy.  Crystals provide the movement for quartz watches and they are also used for igniting the flame of some gas lighters such as BBQ lighters.  Crystals also hold heat and electricity and their ability to focus energy is put to use in lasers.

It is believed that crystals have an innate energy that can benefit you, those around you and your home and work space.  They may improve your general state of wellbeing , dispel negative energy and speed positive changes in your life.  If magic is defined as that which is beyond our understanding at this point in item, then crystals are certainly magical.


The healing powers of crystals have been recorded in many ancient texts, from the Bible to traditional Chinese medical texts and Ancient Egyptian teachings.  But how may crystals effect you individually, in terms of your emotional response?

Because we are all different , as are crystals—its impossible to describe the precise response you may have to a crystal.  However, understanding the process of healing is certainly helpful. 

When you work with crystals your emotions can wobble before stabilising.  The effect of crystals can be uncomfortable as you release negative thoughts and emotions, but persevere and you will soon notice improvements in your life

Why do I need a crystal consultation?

You may be new to crystals or are using crystals but unsure if you have the correct one for your needs.  With a crystal consultation I offer a service to help find the perfect crystal/s for you, whether physical, spiritual or mental

How a crystal consultation works

  • Complete the online contact form detailing what you would like from your crystals
  • Choose up to 4 ailments
  • A custom crystal set will lovingly be created through my intuition and will include
  1. 5 crystals
  2. A selenite charging wand
  3. A customised information sheet on the crystal set.
  4. A bag to carry the stones

Each crystal set will work together in harmony with each other or can be used separately for their specific purposes or intent.

Each set will be cleansed using Palo Santo and charged with their individual intention

Please allow 5 working days for the crystal set to be customised and posted to you

When someone asks me for a crystal set for multiple ailments, I will work on suggesting crystals that fit all of your needs the best.  I will use my intuition to feel which ones I believe will be the most helpful to you.  Each set is unique and I will try to cover all your ailments with the crystals picked.  These may include

  • Tumblestones
  • Rough pieces
  • Jewellery
  • Quirky and unusual shapes

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals and energy healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.   If you are sick or unwell always seek help and advice from a professional   Energy Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. Energy Healing should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach. Results of energy healing will vary from person to person



Included are

  • 5 crystals indiviually wrapped (which may include tumblestones, rough and quirky shapes and crystals to wear)
  • A selenite charging wand
  • Information sheet detailing the crystals, their use and how and where to place them
  • A storage pouch

To find out further information or to order a Crystal Consultation please click here