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Kyanite neither accumulates nor retains negative energy, and therefore never needs cleansing. It is an excellent stone for cleansing and clearing other crystals.It inspires loyalty and fair treatment to others. It assists in working through disagreements and disputes, and can aid in repairing damaged relationships.

Blue kyanite is especially good for working with the throat chakra and communication issues. It helps to speak ones truth with clarity, making it a great stone for public speakers and performers.  Kyanites blue blades like spiritual swords, help cut a path through life.
Birthstone - Libra
Planet - Venus
Element - Air
Chakra - Throat
Crystal Tips
  • Place kyanite on your throat chakra if yuo are a singer and your voice will benefit from its power
  • Focus your mind on a kyanite crystal if yu have difficulty meditating to help you get started
  • Wear kyanite to promote perseverace and mental stamina
  • place kyanite under your pillow to enhamce dream recall and interpretation
  • Put kyanite arouond your home and work place to help you stay true to your purpose
  • Carry kyanite to facilitate chakra alignment in your energy body

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