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    Archangel Raphael


    Archangel Raphael is the Angel of healing and is concerned with divine love. Raphael can work to heal you and through him you can heal others. Archangel Raphael is good for you as an Angel Therapy practitioner to call upon when you want to heal the people



    Archangel Raphael is associated with the season of spring. At the spring equinox the sun enters a cardinal fire sign of Aries the RAM which is ruled by the planet Mars and Raphael is related with the red planet.


     Heal Archangel Raphael will look after and heal your pets, wildlife and livestock. He can heal your relationships back to wholeness


    Body, mind and spirit

    Body mind and spirit is his domain. He supports Healthcare workers dentist, faith healers and care givers so you can see. Raphael protects conception, pregnancy, childbirth, adoption and orphans. He’s good for meditation, hospices, Hospital's bereavement and grieving lost ones



    Raphael supports those on the journey, travelling in transportation and those who work in those Industries. He guides you when you're away from home or in another country.


    Day of the week Thursday


    Astrology sign Virgo


    Colour green


    Planet Mercury the messenger of God


    Crystal Malachite Jade and emerald the Royal Green crystals associated with our angel Raphael


    Chakra Raphael resonates with the heart chakra


    Virtue archangel Raphael is associated with the virtue of humility

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    Meditating with crystals

    Crystals can help to focus and clear the morning for meditation. Reiki meditation with crystals will help your mind unwind and bring more energy and creativity to your thoughts

    How to meditate

    Find a quiet space at a time when you won't be disturbed by anybody. Place your crystals around you and if you wish put on some gentle music. Light a candle and incense to create the soft private ambiance perfect for meditation

    1. Relax by breathing slowly and deeply so that you become assented and calm. Focus on your breathing as you inhale and exhale letting go of tension and day to day thoughts.
    2. Choose one crystal to focus on and allow yourself to explore it with all your senses.  Feel its facets and look carefully at it. Hold it closely and examine it, then place it down before you. Notice its surface is colours and textures
    3. Pick up the crystal and hold it in both hands or let your hands play with the crystal passing it between both your palms. Close your eyes and connect with the crystal.
    4. Beware of any sensations you experience, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Stay with this process for around 10 minutes minimum or longer if you have the time

    Daily meditation with your crystals helps you find space within a busy life and gain perspective on everyday worries. It will open your mind to new possibilities and give you a different more positive view on life.