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Crystal wands are mainly shaped with one rounded end and one pointed end.  The rounded end can be put directly on the skin.  A crystal wand works in a similar way to a pendulum.  As the crystal moves through the aura it helps to remove any imbalances.  

Some wands may be polished and classed as a massage wand, some faceted.  Also it may be double ended allowing the energy to flow to and fro.

One way to use the wand

  1. Hold the wand vertically between your fingertips and thumb with the point upwards
  2. Beginning just below the feet move your hand and arm anti clockwise in small circular movements, while visualising any energy imbalances being drawn out and neutralised through the crystal
  3. Gradually move up the body, spending as much time as you feel is right on each area.  Allow your arm to move whichever way it likes and only move on when you feel ready.  In certain places you may ned to change the speed and direction.
  4. When you reach the top of the head, turn the wand so that it is pointing down at your body
  5. Repeat moving down the body using clockwise movements of the hand and wand

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