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Crystals are formed from minerals and they occur naturally in the earth's surface.  Crystals come in several shapes including

  • tumblestones (polished)
  • clusters
  • geodes (hollow rocks with crystals growing towards the centre)
  • rough rocks

Crystals may improve your general state of wellbeing, dispel negative energy and speed positive changes in your life.  Because we are all different, just like the crystals it is impossible to describe the response you may have to a crystal.  Philip Permutt explains it as" imagining a traditional set of weighing scales, unevenly balanced with one side higher than the other.  By visualising a weight being dropped onto one side, it will bring it into balance. The scales wobble until they come to rest at their point of balance"

The same can be said for people.  Your emotions wobble before stabilizing.  The effect of crystals can feel uncomfortable as you release negative thoughts and emotions, but if you persevere and you will soon notice improvements in your life

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