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Crystal Shapes and what they represent

Natural point - The point helps you focus energy.  Pointed towards you, it draws energy towards you, pointed away from you, it draws energy away from you.  If its a large crystal point it can be used as a wand to activate other crystal and healing grids.

Double Terminated Point - These are crystals that have a point at each end.  They simultaneously attract and emit energy.  They can be used for healing grids and meditation

Clusters - These bring harmony to wherever you place them.  They represent collaboration and teamwork. 

Sphere - These are good for scrying, for taking a peek into our past or future.  They emit energy equally in all directions.  They help you see a situation from all angles.

Geode - From the outside a geode looks like an ordinary rock.  Once you crack it open it reveals crystals.  

Pyramid - This is a stone that is shaped to have four equal triangular sides with a square base.  They can be used to amplify energy and intentions, which is great for crystal grids, healing work and manifesting spells

Square - These can be shaped or form naturally.  The formation is good for grounding and bringing stability to a situation

Tumbled - These stones have been smoothed and polished, transformed fromthier raw formation.  They are placed in a rock tumbler which tumbles them until all rough edges are removed.  They are great for travel companions and can be used for grids and meditation.  They are easily affordable but just as strong as a rough or raw piece.