Meet the team

Although this is my company I wouldn't be able to do what I do without the help and support of my family and I would like you to know who everyone is.  For all queries and questions it will normally be me that you meet as well as at the events.  However, there are other people who are behind the scenes and I thought it would be nice to put faces to the names.  So below you can find out a bit more about us.

Hi I am Amanda and I run the company. I started it around 7 years ago as a hobby and have slowly built it into a business that I am so proud of.  I write all the poems and design all the hand made items.  If you come to see us at a show it will be me that you normally meet.  


This is my dad who now makes the majority of the angels for me.  This allows me to go further afield to promote and sell our giftware.  He was made redundant around 5 years ago just before he was due to retire and as he has a manufacturing background began helping me to make the angels.  He also does the online orders too.  Would be lost without him 


This is my husband and you can normally find him at the shows building my stall, fetching, carrying and as a back up in busy periods.  


Last but not least is my mom who looks after all the online orders and ensures they are posted as quickly as possible