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  1. Archangels

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    There are seven principal archangels
    • Michael
    • Gabriel
    • Raphael
    • Chamuel
    • Jophiel
    • Uriel
    • zadkiel

    Archangel names end with the letters e l which means in God

    The archangels are ready willing and Able to connect you with when you desire

    The archangels have many responsibilities and associations that many sometimes overlap, as you get to know the archangels you can add your own interpretations and associations to the archangels

    Archangel Correspondences



































    Solar plexus





    Third Eye


    7 correspondences

    7 is a number that crops up often in the spiritual realm. There are

    Seven days of the week

    Seven principal archangels

    Seven colours of the rainbow

    Seven chakras

    We like to build correspondence to link Concepts together. This is more about an aid to learning and trying to squeeze related ideas into groups. The table above shows the generally accepted archangel correspondences to the signs, planets, and days of the week

    In the chakras all the sources may differ slightly in the details. This is due to personal experience, in time you can develop your own associations with the Angel speak to you and through your contact with them





    Archangel Michael


    Michael means who is like god

    Archangel Michael is the highest angel and the leader of all the angels

    It is said that he actually sits with the suffering nearest to God

    Season and cardinal point

    Archangel Michael is related to the season of autumn and Venus, the Planetary ruler of the cardinal air sign of Libra, the scales. He presides over the west

    Protection courage strength and truth

    Archangel Michael is a strong protector of ourselves and our belongings. He is the Warrior of heaven and will fight for you and what is right. Archangel Michael is the Protector of the innocent, he protects through his courage and strength, for all who ask. He defends the truth and brings it forward. Michael protects you from real or imaginary fears, he helps you achieve your goals and ambitions, he helps you be courageous and brave and work through the darkness into light. Michael can fix things that are broken including broken hearts, relationships


    He is the Angel of Justice upholding the law and law making .Michael will support your leadership and life purpose and aspirations


    He supports the troops and The Fighters who are in the right. The military and the men and women in the trenches


    He can help with your motivation or lack of incentive and get you moving and active. He brings your patience and perseverance needed to get through your troubles or challenges. He’s concerned with politics/ support work and social work that affects the common man


    Archangel Michael's virtue is charity and self-sacrifice. This is more about doing charitable things for friends neighbour’s and strangers than just give you money. It is about freeing up your time for others

    Colour - Blue

    Day of the Week – Sunday the first day of the week

    Astrology Sign – Leo the Lion

    Planet - Sun

    Chakra - throat chakra

  2. Guardian Angels

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    Guardian angels

    A guardian angel is assigned to each soul on Earth. Your Guardian Angel is with you from your conception to your death and guides your soul towards the light. Your guardian angels only job is to help and guide you and no one else. When you call upon regular angels your Guardian Angel stays with you and works with them as well


    Find your Guardian Angel

    When you start to work with Angels and Angel Therapy you will be going to have a relationship with your Guardian Angel ask your Guardian Angel to be close and then you will feel their presence. It is up to you to ask them to be near and become closer in your life. Your Guardian Angel loves you and wants to help you


    How to work with your Guardian Angel

    Your Guardian Angel is there to help and protect you. They are not there to change your fate or to interfere with your freewill. You have to ask for your Guardian Angel to help you specifically if there is a special thing you desire. Your Guardian Angel knows you well as they have been with you all your life


    Naming Your Guardian Angel

    You may like to name your Guardian Angel because it makes it easier to speak directly to them from your point of view. The angels know you were talking to them but it sometimes helps to differentiate the regular Angels from your Guardian Angel if you give him or her a name. Most women choose a feminine name and most men choose a masculine name for their guardian angel but it is up to you. If you decide to call your guardian angel, angel or Angela tell him or her so she knows then you can simply ask to speak to Angel or Angela in your thoughts and prayers and out loud and she will hear you and know it is him or her to whom you are talking.


    How not to work with your Guardian Angel

    Your Guardian Angel or any angel will not help you do harm to yourself or to others or do bad things. They will not help you rob a bank, they will not help you commit suicide.  Angels are created by God and they keep his law. They are his emissary for humans